airflowing shuts down

February 2016

After careful consideration we decided to shut down airflowing operations. All startups are experiments, airflowing was no exception to this rule, and we came to the conclusion of this particular market experiment. Unfortunately it didn’t work.

We believed airflowing would grow easier and faster than what it actually did. It had a very loyal and long lasting customers, with pretty low acquisition costs, leading to a better than average churn rate. But, in the end, we didn’t overcome the commercial challenge and the market proved us wrong.

While a shutdown is no fun, we are not sad because while we were in the middle of running all this, we found unexpected and unrelated business opportunities that brought much better results for a fraction of the effort and as it turns out these are less vulnerable to the local unfavourable prospects we’re currently facing for the economy here in Brazil.

So, while developing and running this service was interesting in many ways, unfortunately, its results were below our expectations and its operations cannot be justified any longer.

We had a lot of fun and learned a lot with airflowing so we want to say thank you to all the people involved in this adventure.

Not all the code we produced is going to be wasted, check below for the parts that we had open-sourced, perhaps you might find something of value over there. We are not maintaining any of them anymore, so if you are interested in taking care of any of them, feel free to get in touch, we’re open to hand it over.

We want to say thank you for being there during this journey to all our friends, family and advisors, and also to all the Smalltalk community, to the Pharo community specially, for being a permanent source of inspiration, high quality computational resources and support.


Sebastian Sastre

Why is airflowing shutting down?

LTV / CAC ratio was nice, in some cases over 3 and churn was pretty good but weak paid conversion rates kept reinvesting frustratingly out of reach. Without acquisitions or acqui-hires in sight, we have operations unjustified, hence the shutdown.

Will airflowing continue to operate during the shutdown?

Yes, during 30 days, until March 31.

What if I have other questions? How can I get in touch?

You can email us or our support team at support@airflowing.com

Some airflowing facts

Language: Smalltalk and JavaScript

The JavaScript was created in a per-request basis, server-side and dynamically generated from the smalltalk MVC components (instances of the controllers).

Frameworks: Seaside, PrototypeJS, ScriptaculousJS, OmniBase and a proprietary server-side MVC layer on top of Seaside and many other packages from the Smalltalk community.

Software we’ve open-sourced: Aggregate, Mapless, Merchant, a SIXX fork, Sanitize, Bytes, Mapless and flow.

Quantity of classes: ~6000

Quantity of methods: ~24000

Quantity of developers: 1

Value organized in the economy: ~1.1M USD

Persistence: OmniBase based, with trans-image ACID feature achieved by mandarory locking on linux

4 load balanced Pharo images behind apache maintained with supervisord